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Scouting Derja

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Opgericht 30 januari 1937

General information regarding the Group

Scouting Derja  (hereafter called Derja) is a scouting Group in Oegstgeest, the Netherlands, for girls from the age of 5 years and for boys between the age of 5 and 11 years and from 17 years or older. Scouting Derja is a member of Scouting Nederland. Derja was founded on the thirtieth of January (in Dutch “DERtig JAnuari” 1937. The name is derived from this date.

For further information regarding Derja please contact Aart-Teun Veldhuyzen at 06-2008 6223


Our meetings are on Friday or Saturday in our clubhouse. You can find our clubhouse at the end of the sports park the Voscuyl in Oegstgeest (telephone number of our club house is 071-517 4835). For directions please click here.

Our Club house was build in 2007. All sub groups have their own place/room and have decorated it according to their own wishes.  Besides the rooms for all sub groups,we have a well equipped kitchen and 2 toilets. All rooms are situated around a large central hall.

Around our club house we have plenty of ground to play and a dedicated fire area for our camp fires. Click here for further information.

Financials and membership

The yearly membership fee is EUR 120 per year. This fee is excluding the costs for special weekends and (summer) camps.  The membership fee can be paid in 2 instalments.

Any candidate member is allowed to join our weekly meetings 3 times without any obligation to become a member (a 3 weeks trial period). After joining Derja the yearly membership fee needs to be paid pro rata.

Besides the membership fee, Derja organizes several fund raising activities (garage sales, yearly pancake event at the shopping centre Lange Voort in Oegstgeest, collection of old paper etc).

Sub groups

Derja consists of 6 sub groups which is described briefly in the next paragraphs. For more information you can click on the logo.

  boys and girls between 5 and 7   Meetings on Saturdays between 10.00 and 12.00h

The imaginary world of this group is called “Hotsjietonia”. In the village of Hotsjietonia live 8 different characters. These characters are called:

  • Bas Bos de Boswachter (the forester)
  • Steven and Sterre Stroom: they love sailing
  • Keet and Fleur Kleur: they like roll plays, crafts and singing
  • Noa: she likes to read and to chill

  girls between 7 and 11   Meetings on Saturdays between 14.00 and 16.00h

The Kabouters live in a land called Ruwenda. Here 3 princesses are looking for a magical talisman. Haramis is the eldest and smartest of the three. Kadya is the bravest and Anigel is the youngest and meekest. The Kabouters overcome all challenges they come across by being creative and inventive.

The high light of the year is the one week summer camp somewhere in the Netherlands. Every summer camp has a special theme which forms the basis for a phantastic, amazing and memorable week.

  boys and girls between 7 and 11   Meetings on Saturdays between 10.00 and 12.00h

The Welpen are a new group within Derja. On 16 January 2010 they started their adventures in the jungle of Sobrania. Here they try to find and stretch their personal limits and at the same time they learn – in a playful manner – important values such as cooperation, team building and responsibility.


  girls between 11 and 14   Meetings on Saturdays between 14.00 and 16.00h 

Scouts learn all kind of techniques such as using compass and maps, First Aid, camping, making a camp fire, etc etc. Also sport, games, music and crafts are part of the scouting activities.

On top of that the SCOUTS have a yearly one week summer camp (camping in their own tents) where they have many adventures.

  girls between 14 and 17    

The activities of the Sherpa’s are organized around projects. The Sherpa’s are being coached but the aim is that they do as much as possible. Examples of projects are, for instance, a Beauty Make Over Session or a Cake Bake Festival.

Sherpas can take part of summer camps organized regularly by the World Scouting Organization (World Jamborees). In the past World Jamborees have been organized in Japan, Australia, Chile and England.

As analternative for a World Jamboree, Sherpas can organize a summer camp in the Belgian Ardennes.

  boys and girls from 17 and older   Meetings on Saturdays from 17.00h

The Stam consists mainly of Staff and old Staff which come together at Saturdays after the regular meetings. At such a meetings the have dinner together, build a camp fire and organise activities for their own group (Stam) or the other groups (Welpen, Kabouters, Scouts, etc)


The management structure of Derja is as follows:

  1. The Foundation Scouting Derja (Stichting Scouting Derja): This foundation holdsthe main assets (clubhouse) and is responsible for the financial management of Derja.
  2. The Group Board: This Board is responsible for organizing, execution and managing the weekly meetings and other activities for all sub groups.